This project is cofounded by the Life project number: LIFE18 ENV/SI/000673.
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• Fully functional prototype for treatment of industrial WW, brackish water, storm water up to a quality of demineralized water (24 m3/day).

• 8,000 m3/year of water from alternative sources (50 % of the HIDRIA factory needs).

• 8,000 m3/year savings of drinking water from natural sources. 

• 4,000 m3/year of treated and recycled/reused industrial WW (WW containing on average COD 20,000 mg O2 /L).

• 0,5 tons of salt produced from ZLD system.

• 1 ton of construction composite products from recycling of waste.

• 5 letters of intent to replicate good practices demonstrated in the LIFE HIDAQUA.