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LIFE Platform meeting on Waste-Water Treatment

Date: 29-30.01.2020

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Participant: Sara Seršen 

A conference entitled "Making Water Fit for LIFE - LIFE Waste-Water Treatment Platform Meeting" was held in Barcelona on January 29-30 2020, organized by EASME, Neemo LIFE monitoring team and CETAQUA.

The purpose of the event was to bring together various stakeholders involved in wastewater treatment and reuse. Particular emphasis was placed on bringing together policy makers, researchers, representatives of the European institutions within DG Environment, users and technology developers in the field of municipal wastewater treatment and recycling of waste water. Information from the presentations and workshops at the conference will directly help to overhaul the European Directive on urban waste water treatment and to formulate guidelines for a new seven-year LIFE project funding program.

As part of the field presentation, participants has seen the Baix Llobregat municipal sewage treatment plant,  which was with help of multi-LIFE projects upgraded to tertiary and advanced wastewater treatment systems for industrial, agricultural and maintaining natural habitats - wetlands and recharging an underground aquifer.