This project is cofounded by the Life project number: LIFE18 ENV/SI/000673.
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HIDROQUIMIA is a technology-based SME created in 2009. HIDROQUIMIA is an environmental engineering company which is specialized in the provision of comprehensive water and waste treatment services to the industrial sector in a context where industrial wastewater management is a priority issue. The company has wide experience in the design, construction and operation of hard treat wastewater facilities, and has a deep knowledge in electrochemical, biological and membrane technologies in the treatment of process waters and complex industrial wastewater to purify and reuse these waters for maximum appliances. From its inception, HIDROQUIMIA focuses its activity on the development, control, validation and optimization of technologies that are ready to be brought to market and that allow a quick return, in environmental, technical and economic level. This innovation strategy allows their clients to proactively value technological improvements knowing that HIDROQUIMIA is offering them an environmental improvement as well as to reduce operating costs for the benefit of being able to reuse water.