This project is cofounded by the Life project number: LIFE18 ENV/SI/000673.
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Company Geologija d.o.o./Ltd. Idrija started with its regular activity 1. 6. 1994. The company continues its work based on experiences of geology department of Idrija Mercury Mine. It presently employs five engineers who are accredited engineers of geotechnical and mining profession at Slovenian Chamber of Engineers, and two technicians. The company consists of two departments, hydrogeology department and department for engineering geology and geomechanics. Hydrogeological work includes: hydrogeological mapping, hydrogeological investigations related to drinking/industrial/agricultural water supply and exploitation of geothermal energy, water wells designing, pumping and slug tests implementation. Hydrogeological investigations also include groundwater contamination risk assessment, water protection areas designing, groundwater monitoring, tracing tests and mining hydrogeology. Department for engineering geology and geomechanics prepares geological, geotechnical and geomechanical reports for various types of design documentation in building and road construction, surveys and projects/programs for landslide and slope rehabilitation, watercourse regulation etc. Longtime work, experiences and knowledge of regional geological conditions are their best references. In 25 years they made over 5500 studies, projects and expert reports. They constantly care for further training of personnel, updating computer software and equipment for hydrogeological and geotechnical field work.