This project is cofounded by the Life project number: LIFE18 ENV/SI/000673.
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Eurecat is the result of the merging process of the main Catalan Technology Centres, started in 2015, and counts already with the sum of capacities of seven originals Centres and beyond. Eurecat’s technical contribution to the project will involve the following units: The Sustainability and Energy Unit (SOST formerly CTM), located in Manresa, aims at contributing to sustainable development in the fields of water management, soils and groundwater, industrial ecology and energy. The unit has high scientific equipment for chemical analysis, membrane testing, water and waste treatment, microbiological analysis, energy, soil and industrial ecology. The subunit of Water Technologies focuses its activities on the study and the development of validation tests of wide range water technologies for an efficient water management. One of the main areas of competence are the solutions for an efficient water management within the urban and industrial cycle and the selection and assessment of water treatment technologies, including cleaning, regeneration and reuse.